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          3. Welcome to your new lifestyle!

            Creeks Crossing offers owners casual country living with the
            comfort of a small community and the benefits of city services.

            Lots range from 1.1 acres to 1.7 acres
            All lots fully serviced
            Paved roads and carriage street lighting
            Architecturally controlled design
            Walkout basement potential
            Plenty of recreation opportunities
            Lots starting at
            Small communities offer the safety of rural living with low crime rates and the
            opportunity for your family to attend and get involved in local events. Become part of
            the community rather than just finding a place to live.

            Ridgevalley School offers a small class sizes and personal attention for your kids from
            Kindergarten - grade 12. With just over 200 students Ridgevalley School offers the
            opportunity for your family to experience a safe learning environment with full
            participation in sports and extra curricular activities to develop the “Raider Pride?

            Numerous community events from the Cranberry Lake Rodeo held in June, the
            Heritage Festival in August, to curling leagues in the winter, are available for you as
            participant or spectator. And of course being on Grande Prairie’s doorstep you have all
            the advantages of being close to the city for music, shopping, entertainment and
            dining. As well Grande Prairie offers many Career and Education opportunities! GPRC
            & NAIT, just to start.
            Located a relaxing 30 minute drive east of Grande Prairie on
            Highway # 43, Creeks Crossing offers home owners casual
            country living with the benefits of city services.

            Two different golf courses, both offering challenging holes, welcome
            avid golfers and first time family members.
            Within easy reach of Creeks Crossing you’ll find plenty of
            recreation opportunities that aren’t over crowded so you and your
            family can participate, on your schedule.

            Fishing, Camping and Water Sports in Swan Lake, Sturgeon Lake
            and the Simonette River are all within a ?hour drive. The Rodeo
            and Gymkhana Club is located 2 km north of DeBolt.
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